Positives, Negatives and Interesting of EDU8213

The EDU8213 module has impacted my learning experience more positively than negatively.  The learning experience was new and challenging with the use of twitter and blogs as notebook and learning materials. My preconceived and accepted notions of learning were challenged and I was forced to accept something new with a great level of courage and expectation.

As I stated in a previous blog, I had some sort of trepidation for opening up my class notes to the glare of the whole world on twitter but that was overcome and replaced with excitement for the prospects that were ahead of me- getting the world to contribute and react to the salient thoughts and ideas that were raised during the class. It was almost like we were in a science lab and were about to carry out some experiments.

EDU8213 got me challenged with my mind working like never before and thinking up great ideas. I was opened up to the world of ‘Storify’, ‘WordPress’, embedding tweets and pictures in my blog posts and also challenged to make my blog posts interesting and engaging. On the long run, my appreciation and use of technology improved drastically. I saw technology as a closer friend that I could somewhat ‘manipulate’ to get what I want.

As I searched through twitter, I became conscious of my ability to access the thoughts and reasoning of my classmates without having to sit in a room with them to exchange ideas and have intellectual discussions. EDU8213 has given us all a platform where we can compare notes, exchange ideas outside the walls of our classroom all without a tutor’s interference or guidance. We finally have an e-SOLE!!! It was indeed a great learning experience which opened up new channels of communication and exchange with my course mates.

Aside from the interaction with my classmates online, I realized that my friends and family could see what I was doing which was like a progress report for them. At the same time we were able to engage the world- as many people who were online with us- creating an awareness in them which they would put to use someday. I also gathered that nothing really is impossible, we never got a lecture on how to tweet, create blogs, write posts on the blogs and all, we learnt all by ourselves and we are better for it, this I would call incidental or experiential learning.

All 3 core interaction levels of learning were achieved: learner to learner, learner to instructor and learner to content, in the course of the EDU8213 module delivery. Every learner was actively engaged in the learning process because we individually took control of what we were learning by being in charge and fully engaged.

The down side of the course for me was the fact that there was no form of structure which we have been used to in our previous learning spaces. Critically speaking, this is not particularly a negative but an experience pushing us out of our comfort zones and helping us liberate our minds in the recreation of the learning space and models as would be in the future.

Before EDU8213, I never considered what learning in the future would look like, this course has created a new level of awareness in me and I will look forward to seeing which of our projections and predictions during EDU8213 would be attained in the future. Albeit, the future is NOW!!!


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